Yoga classes in Folkestone! …

Folkestone Yoga will be a directory of classes on offer within the town and surrounding area. A fantastic one-stop site to help you find a class and teacher that suits your needs. We have just started this service and will grow so keep checking this page for teachers and classes




Iyengar Yoga Classes

Teacher: Penny

General Classes  

No classes Monday  until further notice

Thursday 9.30-11am

Saturday  9.30-11am (Beginners)

N.B Doctor referrals and pre-general students are welcome; classes are held for those in need of extra care and caution


The Garden Room, Folkestone.

Please contact Penny directly for further enquiries on;

mobile 079235 30255       email:

Yoga helps and improves: – your posture– your physical and mental strength– your sleep– your breathing technique– your ability to stay focused– your flexibility– your circulation

Folkestone Yoga

                                                         – your inner peace!