From De-Mining Landmines to Folkestone Yoga

Welcome to Folkestone Yoga!

How wonderful to have you with us.

Not only are you reading the very first blog on our new website, but you will be able to follow me on my fascinating new journey, opening Folkestone’s first yoga studio, building a community investment company and hopefully sharing with you some laughter and tears as I (try to) practise yoga!

Angelina Jolie

Angelina in Kevlar


Me on the K5 mine belt!

As you can see from the pictures (above) – by the way I think you’ll spot Angelina and not confuse her with me, she’s looking fabulous in Kevlar and a de-mining helmet – whereas I look overweight, grubby and petrified – my background in charitable work started with the Halo Trust.

I am on the K5 mine belt on the border of Cambodia and Thailand. Behind me is a Guyata 64, a landmine laid by Vietnamese slaves during the war and safely diffused with a little help from my digging – and a lot of well-trained Cambodian de-miners.

The reason for letting you know this, is because from that day on I was unafraid of anything. The sheer terror of never seeing my children again had kept me awake the previous night. Not being blown up meant I realised very swiftly all most of us need is love of close friends and family, love of ourselves and our health.

Why not join me in my journey to a healthier life through practising yoga? I’d love to meet you.